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When need to adjust the output power of the laser cutting equipment

Generally speaking, the thickness and the speed of a  laser cutting machine can achieve is mainly depending on the laser power of the machine. The laser output power of the metal laser cutting machine is not static. According to the processing needs, we need to make real-time adjustments. This step is very important, the output power has a direct impact on the processing performance of the laser cutting machine. It determines the cutting precision and cutting efficiency when the laser cutting machine cuts the sheet. Under what circumstances should the output power of the laser cutting machine be increased? longxin laser will introduce you in detail:

When need to adjust the output power of the laser tube pipe machine cutting equipment

1. When the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is too slow, the cutting speed can be increased by appropriately increasing the laser output power.

2. When cutting a material with a relatively large thickness, the laser output power can be increased by the control panel to improve the cutting performance.

3. Adding a material with high cutting density and high hardness will have a very high performance requirement for the laser cutting machine. It can solve the problem by increasing the laser output power and reducing the cutting speed.

4. For some special materials, when you need to replace the short focal length lens with a long focal length lens, you need to increase the laser output power.

So how do you determine if the output power has reached the appropriate parameters? If the inexperienced technician does not know, so network CNC engineers provide you with a rich method. The usual method is to judge by observing the effect after cutting and the spark condition during cutting; 

1. When the output power is greater than the standard value, the heat influence around the slit increases, and the corner portion is melted. Moreover, the cut noodle strips become thicker, from the top to the bottom. 

2. If the output power value is much smaller than the standard value, the lower part of the incision becomes significantly thicker and becomes a state of digging in, and the amount of adhesion of the dross increases more and is difficult to remove. After many adjustments to achieve the desired state.

Therefore, the size of the laser output power affects the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine. Whether the customer is processing or when we give the customer proofing, the parameters must be adjusted first, until the optimal laser cutting machine output power is achieved. In order to produce properly.


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