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Working Mode and advantages of automatic Laser Pipe cutting Machine

Recently long Xin machinery added a small partner-laser pipe cutting machine. This laser automatic pipe cutting machine can be counted as the best cutting machine series. It's very powerful. The following Longxin pipe cutting machine manufacturers for everyone to introduce the The working mode of laser pipe cutting machine..


First, the working mode of laser pipe cutting machine. This laser pipe cutting machine is different from the conventional circular saw type pipe cutting machine. The automatic laser pipe cutting machine works by cutting at the laser speed, which can be cut in the shape of a circular tube or in a square form. And this kind of automatic laser pipe cutting machine is usually installed in pairs. After the pipe is cut off by a pipe cutting machine, the pipe is transported to the other end of the corresponding pipe cutting machine through the roller, and then circulates the process after exiting. Second, the advantages of laser pipe cutting machine

  1. Laser is a fully automatic machine, as long as set to automatically cut the work, very easy.

  2. Laser pipe cutting machine will not cut with the pipe directly, so it will not scratch the pipe. The notch is also very small and has a small impact on the surface of the material. The heat affected zone is much smaller than that of the conventional plasma tube cutter. The cut surface is smooth and burr free.

  3. Laser automatic pipe cutting machine is a very flexible machine, can process any graphics, but also can cut other traditional pipe cutting machine and not the profile. A machine multi-purpose, cut off, cut holes, oblique cutting, welding cutting, hollowed-out cutting and so on.

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