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Foshan Tanzhou Guangdong Automation Exhibition Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Foshan Tanzhou Guangdong Automation Exhibition Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

"2018 Guangdong Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Equipment and Materials Exhibition, Guangdong Machine Tool Show, Guangdong Automation Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as AMTE, GME, GAE) will be held on May 6-8 at the Foshan Tanzhou International Exhibition Center! After more than one year of meticulous preparation, the first exhibition area exceeds 25,000 square meters, with more than 400 exhibitors. It is dedicated to creating the largest professional exhibition in the automotive equipment manufacturing industry in Pearl River Delta with the largest number of exhibits, while providing the most complete resources and displaying the latest technological achievements. .

Exhibition time:

May 6-7, May 2018 9:30-17:00

May 8, 2018 9:30-15:00

Exhibition location:

Guangdong Tanzhou International Exhibition Center (Foshan Beibei)

Pre-show preview

Foshan Tanzhou Guangdong Automation Exhibition Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

Foshan City LX Longxin Machinery Co., Ltd. - automatic pipe cutting machine LX-ZY-180

Product Description: 1. Continuous feeding, no dead ends, no tailing, one person can open more than one machine, to ensure that large quantities of small tube thin tube cutting.

2. Servo + mechanical dual positioning, accuracy of the national standard 7, to ensure that the accuracy of ± 0.05.

3 independent double oil clips to prevent the big tube spinning, reduce the situation of explosive saw blade.

4. Double pump oil pressure system independently adjusts the pressure of clamping and lower knife to prevent workpiece deformation and pinching.

5. Double cylinders are used to ensure that the rectangular tube does not change the direction of the down tube.

6. The use of intelligent control system to distinguish the material tail and cut off, the short tube is very advantageous (for customers), automatic measurement of raw material (workpiece) length.

7. Cut long tubes, faster than semi-automatic, fully automatic;

8. The use of tungsten steel blade without distortion, no burr;

9. 0.5 thick φ19 round pipe 200 can reach 8000 every 10 hours

10. Automatically counts and shuts down to remind to change blade

11. Main components: mechanical positioning, independent water tank, electric box, flap, hydraulic system (oil tank), machine head, double oil clamps, control panel, feed rack, rolling rack, pusher trolley

Ordering hotline: 17328063480

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