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Automatic feeding laser cutting machine

How is the laser cutting machine feeding when cutting the pipe? At present, most laser cutting machines on the market have the same feeding method as the traditional automatic pipe cutting machine. It is necessary to manually put the cutting material into the material folder, and after cutting a pipe piece, it is necessary to manually release the material once. Ways to complete a variety of complex machining programs.

Many laser cutting machine users have the idea that the tens of thousands of smart pipe cutting machines on the market can do automatic feeding. Why do millions of laser cutting machines do not have this function? This is because the pipe “automatic feeding device” is a patented product of Foshan Nanhai District Longxin Machinery Co., Ltd.

Just in August of this year, Longxin Machinery's first automatic feeding laser cutting machine has been officially launched. In addition to all the cutting, opening, and etching functions of the current laser cutting machine on the market, this laser cutting machine also has many functions. The automatic feeding function is combined with the machine to creatively realize the laser cutting effect of automatic feeding, so that the laser cutting tube can also realize "making the cutting tube easier"!

If would like to know the friends of this automatic feeding laser pipe cutting machine and contact Longxin Machinery!

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