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An automatic metal circular saw machine

The automatic metal circular saw machine has a wide cutting range and is suitable for sawing pipes of φ140mm or less. It only needs to batch the pipes to the loading rack and the feeding rack. The automatic feeding system can prepare multiple materials at a time, and the control system can be used once. Set, the demand for mass production, to achieve the purpose of high-speed cutting. The high-speed metal circular saw machine automatically recognizes, cuts, sorts the material tail and automatically counts a series of cutting processes through the numerical control system. The operator only needs to be responsible for keeping the pipe on the rack enough to be cut, recognized and operated. Switch button. This is a high speed, precision, cost-effective, automated and innovative circular sawing machine. Prices range from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand.

The automatic CNC metal circular sawing machine has high control precision and fast cutting speed. The CNC system of the automatic metal circular sawing machine is automatically completed, and the employees can use it through short training. The safety of such equipment is high, generally in the fully enclosed state. Work, failure can automatically stop and alarm, can avoid casualties and equipment losses, while processing efficiency is very high.

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