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Automatic pipe cutting machine manufactory

The intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine can reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the number of operating workers, produce continuous, stable product quality and high labor productivity in the production of species, and is the choice of various enterprises that need to use automatic pipe cutting machine trend.

The industrial intelligent development of the automatic pipe cutting machine refers to the use of various automatic control, automatic detection and automatic adjustment devices to carry out automatic measurement, inspection, calculation, control, and monitoring of the production process in order to replace people to manipulate machine equipment. Automation is the higher stage of production mechanization and it is also one of the basic directions of industrial technology modernization. According to its development stage is divided into: 1 semi-automatic. That is, some use manual operation, some use automatic control for production; 2 full-automation, also known as automated production lines. Refers to the automation of all process steps; 3 comprehensive automation. That is, from the raw material into the factory until the product leaves the factory, including the processing, packaging, marking and other whole process of automation, but also the main content of enterprise management automation. The automation of industrial production can reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the number of operating workers, continuous production, stable product quality, and high labor productivity; but the investment cost is relatively large, the energy consumption is high, the replacement of specifications of specifications is more difficult, and higher management levels and workers are required. Cultural and technical quality.

At present, the cutting equipment market has launched an automatic fully automatic pipe cutting machine. The LX cutting machine mode LX-ZY-330 is one of them. It has the following main features:

First, it has a high cutting efficiency. Secondly, the automatic recovery of tailings without human treatment can save more labor costs and management costs. Third, the operation is simple, and it saves the labor costs for companies that need to hire highly-educated work. Finally, this intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine has a high cutting accuracy of ±0.05mm.

Automatic pipe cutting machine manufactory

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