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Burr-free pipe cutting machine

The incision can not be processed with the chamfering machine. You need to change the burr-free pipe cutting machine.

The customer sent out a cutting effect of the grinder, and said to find a chamfering machine or a deburring machine to deburr. To be honest, the burr of his nozzle is too big, and the chamfering machine's knife can't be carried out. Processing, in the face of this cutting effect, just want to tell the customer, why not directly change a burr-free pipe cutting machine?

The new burr-free pipe cutting machine developed by Longxin Mechanical Pipe Cutting Machine has a high degree of automation. One person can operate multiple machines at the same time, automatically feed and cut, automatically identify the material tail, batch cut metal pipe, and a good helper for pipe processing.

Burr-free pipe cutting machine

DuangDuang..... first look at its cutting effect, the slit is narrow and the burr is not deformed, and it can be used directly without 2 times of processing.

Features of the burr-free pipe cutting machine:

1. It can feed 38-1500mm at a time (customized feeding length can be 3m or 5m according to customer's actual use requirements);

2, cutting rigidity is good, cutting speed is fast.

3, can automatically feed continuously;

4, can cut the pipe of different diameters by replacing the jaws

5, touch screen control, set all cutting parameters on the screen, in one go

6, pipe cutting: the use of vertical slides, the track uses self-lubricating linear guides;

7. Structure and action description: The pipe fittings are placed on the machine table, automatically clamped, automatically fed, automatically cut, and cycled.

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