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certification for high precision automatic intelligent cutting machine and hydraulic automatic cutting machine

In December 2017, LX Longxin machinery Co.,ltd, which located in Nanhai Foshan City, obtain “Guangdong Province High-Tech products” certification, issued by high and new technology enterprise of Guangdong province. The certification for two products: “high precision automatic intelligent pipe cutting machine” and “hydraulic automatic pipe cutting machine”.


High precision automatic intelligent pipe cutting machine, referred to as “intelligent pipe cutting machine”, is LX longxin machinery developed new generation of intelligent metal cutting equipment. Intelligent pipe cutting machine used to cut diameter 35-120mm stainless steel pipe, iron pipe, galvanized pipe, carbon steel pipe, seamless tube, sold bar and so on.

ZY-180 circular sawing intelligent automatic metal pipe cutting machine_副本.jpg

Intelligent pipe cutting machine advantage 1st : powerful automatic loading & feeding function, can save labor cost. 2nd: 1 worker can operate 8-10 sets machine, improve cutting efficiency greatly. 3rd :It’s cutting precision can up to +-0.05mm. 4th : 3 seconds per 1 pieces high speed cutting.  5th : automatic cut pipe end piece function. 6th : continuous cut different length pipe, no need stop machine. Two innovative features are “intelligent” and “precision”.

CS-330CNC servo full automatic pipe cutting machine_副本.png

Compare to Zhangjiagang hydraulic automatic pipe cutting machine, LX longxin machinery have core of innovative technology in machine head design. In the meantime use hard rails and many other quality imported accessories to ensure machine durability. According to customer feedback, after 10years using in bad workshop environment, machine body was damaged, but the machine head still in normal use.

To ensure strong & stable power, machine head won’t shock while cutting processing, LX longxin hydraulic cutting machine use double oil press system. In this way, extend saw blade service life, make cutting section more smooth.

The great certification forward higher and further demands on LX Longxin cutting machinery co.,ltd. LX Longinx will continue in technical innovation, service innovation, keep moving forward, do best to obtain greater breakthroughs, make more contributions for metal pipe cutting industry. LX longxin machinery design idea is “leave simple to customer, we will handle complexity”!

2018, do not forget the initial heart, believe LX longxin pipe cutting machine will be more pleasant surprise!

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