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Choose Longxin laser tube cutting machine to help you achieve more brilliant 2019

Time flies, and the blink of an eye is already in mid-November, and many companies are starting to make annual plans for 2019. Equipment is a core factor in your business, and your current equipment can support your 2019 plan. Perhaps Longxin's laser tube cutting machine can help you.

Longxin's laser tube cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. Professional: Long letter laser pipe cutting machine is a device specially designed for pipe processing.

2. High efficiency: After testing, the pipe with a diameter of 15MM and a thickness of 1MM is only required for 1.8 seconds per knife.

3. Provincial labor: automatic continuous feeding, automatic identification of the tail material, cut and separated into the waste box.

4. Low cost: It can be air-cut, no saw blade and other consumables, and the cutting cost is lower.

5. Multi-function: can cut straight, bevel cut; can cut square hole and waist hole on round pipe; can cut various patterns on square pipe surface; can meet the cut of three-way and multi-pass; can be on the supervisor Cutting a plurality of cylindrical intersecting line holes of different directions and different diameters, satisfying the condition that the branch axis is perpendicularly intersected with the eccentricity and non-eccentricity of the main axis.

6. High precision: high cutting precision with tolerances up to ±0.1mm.

7. Beautiful cut: The cut is very smooth and can be used directly without chamfering. It can save a process.

  Equipment is the core of the enterprise, and a good laser cutting machine can be used to achieve better performance. Choose Longxin laser tube cutting machine to achieve more brilliant results.

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