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Circular saw machine _ high speed circular saw machine manufactory

Circular saw machine has simple structure, high efficiency, abundant types and wide application. According to labor intensity, can be divided into manual circular saw machine, semi-automatic circular saw machine, automatic circular saw machine and intelligent circular saw machine. Circular saw machine manufacture LX Longxin introduces you steel pipe cutting machine mainly.

Circular saw machine is generally composed of main engine, feed mechanism and safety device. The main engine consists of frame, table, main shaft, saw blade, chuck, chuck fastening nut, bearing seat, pulley and motor. The frame is usually use welded cast iron or section steel. The frame is body of the saw machine. It should be strong and durable, and should have good stability. The main shaft (saw shaft) is usually cut by No.45# steel. One end of the pulley is connected to the motor pulley by the belt or the triangle belt, while the other end is fitted with a circular saw blade. Sometimes the drive wheel of the feed mechanism is installed on the spindle. The main shaft is mounted on the rack through the bearing pedestal, and two or three are used for the length of the visible spindle of the bearing pedestal. Chuck (or called flanges) and fastening nuts are part of fixed saw blades. Diameter of the chuck should not be too large. Otherwise, it will affect the height of the saw blade, generally 1/5-1/7 times the diameter of the blade. The thread of the fastening nut should be opposite to the rotation direction of the saw blade, and fine thread should be used.

Circular saw machine _ high speed circular saw machine manufactory

Feature and advantage of high speed circular saw machine:

High speed circular saw machine cutting scope is wide, suitable for cutting diameter less than 140mm pipes. High speed circular saw machine which use computer numerical control system to realize automatic stainless steel pipe material loading & feeding& cutting & process end material. Machine can identify metal stainless steel pipe material and cut end piece automatically, separate out feed head material, end material, not need secondary manual process. In the meantime, automatic counting, automatic saw blade replace alarm function are available, save huge production cost in volume stainless steel pipe cutting, 1 worker can operate several machines.

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