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Comparison of laser cutting machine and other cutting equipment in production input cost:

Comparison of laser cutting machine and other cutting equipment in production input cost:

1) Different types of laser cutting machines have different prices. Cheaper carbon dioxide laser cutting machines are only 20,000 to 30,000. The expensive 1000W fiber laser cutting machine now has more than one million. Laser cutting has no consumables, but the investment cost of equipment is the highest among all cutting methods, and it is not a little higher, and the maintenance cost is also quite high. But the powerful function of the laser cutting machine is is more beyond other cutting equipment function.

2) The plasma cutting machine is much cheaper than the laser cutting machine. According to the power and brand of the plasma cutting machine, the price is different, and the use cost is high, basically as long as the conductive material can be cut.

3) The cost of water cutting equipment is second only to laser cutting, high energy consumption, high maintenance cost, and low cutting speed. Because all abrasives are disposable, they are discharged to nature once use. Therefore, the environmental pollution caused by it is serious.

4) Wire cutting is generally around tens of thousands. However, wire cutting is consumable, molybdenum wire, cutting coolant, etc. There are two kinds of wire commonly used for wire cutting, one is molybdenum wire (molybdenum is expensive), used for fast wire walking equipment, the advantage is that molybdenum wire can be reused many times; the other is copper wire (in any case, it is much cheaper than molybdenum wire) )), for slow wire walking equipment, the disadvantage is that the copper wire can only be used once. In addition, the fast wire feeder is far cheaper than the slow wire feeder, and the price of a slow wire is equal to 5 or 6 sets.

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