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Cutting steel pipe knowledge_ high cost-effective steel pipe cutting machine

Some cutting steel pipe knowledge we should know before buying a steel pipe cutting machine, detail as follows:

1.    Touch screen control, automatic counting by PLC control system, automatic identification and alarm, automatic setting parameters and so on.

2.    Precision of cutting steel pipe: pipe fitting should be same length after cutting. The smaller length difference,  the better.

3.    Pipe section after  cut off: is it smooth enough, surface is more flat more better. Whether it need chamfering or polishing, secondary process?  If it can be completed at once, it is better.

4.    Perpendicularity of cut section: current cutting method used for cutting section of the pipe will cause bevel more or less. Two ends can not be parallel, and need follow-up work to be finished.

5.   Whether work piece will deformed or damaged after cutting: the deformation is usually caused in clamping, especially for cutting of thin-walled pipe. To consider whether clamp vise is customized according to outer diameter of pipe.

6.   Material rack is an additional equipment for feeding 6 meters or 8 meters steel pipe. Some pipe cutting machine include feeding material rack and stock rack which can put whole bundle of material on the rack, convenient for feeding.

7.   Clamping (fixed) refers to a fixed pipe in cutting process, fixed firm degree directly affect the precision of cutting, as well as saw blade using life. Now existing method including manual type clamping, automatic hydraulic clamping, pneumatic clamping, etc.

8.   Whether need automate, automatic cutting, automatic loading, automatic feeding, automatic handling of end material & head material and so on.

9.   Feeding is refers to pipe after completion of loading of each feed section to cutting.  Manual type is hand feeding, automatic feeding way including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, roller or feed screw propulsion.

According to above cutting steel pipe knowledge, cutting machine manufacturer LX Longxin machinery introduce a cost-effective intelligent LX-ZY series steel pipe cutting machine specially.

Cutting steel pipe knowledge_ high cost-effective steel pipe cutting machine

l  Automatic steel pipe cutting machine use servo feeder and mechanical double positing, cutting accuracy can up to +-0.05mm. Cutting section is smooth and no burr, no need secondary process.

l  Automatic continuous feeding, less end material. One worker can operate several machines, saving labor cost for enterprise.

l  Double pump oil pressure system, adjust clamping pressure and sawing pressure independently, prevent work piece from deforming and damage, save an other material cost for manufactory.

l  Double cylinder is used to ensure that rectangular tube won’t change direction while cutting, cutting section no deforming, no burr, work piece no need secondary process, save one more cost for manufactory.

l  Automatic identify head material & end material, cut them off, it is a great advantage for volume pipe cutting. Automatic test raw materials length. Automatic counting, reduce operator labor intensity, enhances workers enthusiasm!

This cost-effective intelligent steel pipe cutting machine fit for volume cut steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, iron pipe. 3 models in all, cutting capacity 100x100mm square pipe, diameter 160mm round pipe.

Clink www.lxcuttingmachine.com to get more info!

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