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Can CNC Automatic Cutting Machine Cut Solid Rods?

Can CNC automatic cutting machine cut solid rods?

Can CNC automatic pipe cutting machine cut solid rods? Many users will want to purchase a fully automatic pipe cutting machine with a variety of functions that can meet production requirements in many ways.

In the traditional production of solid round steel, the use of band saw cutting, low cutting efficiency, large saw blade loss, incline skew and other defects, is a problem for some real users of the material headache; now, these solid materials have been solved equipment - The use of professional solid cutting method (cold saw cutting) The cold saw is specifically refers to the metal in the cold rolling state of the circular saw blade, cold saw is characterized by high temperature annealing, so the work material is cut hardness No change has occurred. Therefore, the metal cold saw is often used to cut solid iron rods, steel rods, stainless steel rods, 20 # steel rods, 45 # steel rods and other high school low carbon steel rods. This type of equipment belongs to the scope of specializing in large-scale thick tubes and large solid materials.

Can a CNC automatic pipe cutter cut some solid bars? The answer is yes and it can satisfy some solid material. Although the pipe cutting machine is a pipe cut as its name suggests, it is mainly used for pipe cutting, but with the development of the industry, the new type of CNC automatic pipe cutting machine cutting solid bar can also be competent, using Longxin CNC automatic pipe cutting machine Can smoothly cut conventional 40MM solid material, to achieve the user can meet the cutting pipe can also meet the production needs of solid material cutting. Compared to the cold saw, although it is not possible to cut a large piece of solid material, the ability to cut the tube and actually realize the material is not achieved by cold saw cutting. Long letter CNC automatic pipe cutting machine compared to the price of cold saw can be described as the price of cabbage, friends who are interested can visit the website of Long Xin Machinery www.lxcuttingmachine.com !

Can CNC Automatic Cutting Machine Cut Solid Rods?

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