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Cutting machine manufacturers intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine not the same user experience

The intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine available this year fills in the shortcomings of various types of pipe cutting machines in cutting precision, cutting effect, saving labor, improving work efficiency, reducing production costs, and reducing the labor intensity of workers, not only for the products of pipe processing enterprises. Increased competitiveness, but also for the pipe processing companies to save substantial production costs. Let's take a look at the different user experiences of this automatic pipe cutting machine:

1. Intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine adopts double-control of CNC feeding and mechanical positioning. The cutting precision can reach 0.05mm; and the incision is smooth and smooth without burrs and requires no secondary processing.

2, automatic continuous feeding, no dead ends without tailings, one person can open more than one machine; for companies to save a lot of labor costs.

3, independent double oil clip, to prevent the big tube spinning, reduce the situation of explosive saw blade; a lot of energy for the enterprise cost of supplies. Independently adjust the pressure of the clamp and the knife to prevent the workpiece from being deformed and pinched, which indirectly saves the company a further material cost.

4, the use of dual-cylinder under the material, to ensure that the rectangular tube does not change the direction of the lower tube, cutting deformation without burr.

 5. Adopting intelligent control system to distinguish the end of material head and cutting it out, which is very advantageous for short tube cutting. It automatically measures the length of raw materials (workpieces) and automatically counts them, which reduces the labor intensity for operators and enhances the work enthusiasm of employees!

   Looked at the powerful features of this intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine. If your company happens to be a pipe processing enterprise, is it just right for you to need an intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine to experience the cost savings and increase your business for your company and product competitiveness?

Cutting machine manufacturers intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine not the same user experience

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