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Some bright spots of cutting pipe fittings in laser pipe cutting machine

The laser pipe cutting machine used in pipe cutting mainly uses focused high power density laser beam to illuminate the workpiece, so that the irradiated material can be melted, vaporized, ablated or ignited quickly.

At the same time, with the help of the beam coaxial high speed air blowing away the molten material, so as to achieve the pipe fittings according to the demand to cut! It is understood that the market price of a high quality metal car model in handicraft shops is hundreds of thousands.

The main reasons for the high price include metal difficult to process, many and complex processes and many other factors. And now the advent of laser pipe cutting equipment makes metal handicrafts low price, become a public affordable "plaything." Compared with other hot cutting methods, laser pipe cutting machine of handicraft is characterized by high cutting speed and high quality.

Then laser cutting and metal processing technology has two bright spots: first, low processing price. Laser cutting equipment to process metal handicrafts said goodbye to the traditional process of mold opening process, from the process of reducing the processing costs; another point, laser cutting equipment processing without secondary processing, The cutting parts can be stitched directly, which reduces the processing cost.

 After that, laser cutting equipment can be processed in small quantities, reducing inventory pressure and operating risk. Second, flexible processing. In operation, the laser cutting equipment can cut out the desired parts only by inputting the drawing, which has good flexibility in the development and improvement of handicrafts, and has greatly reduced the research cost.

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