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Automatic stainless steel pipe cutting machine, dry cutting machine for steel pipe

China is one of the world’s largest country of metal products and export. Production capacity more than 85% of global metal products industry, and stainless steel hardware product more than 60% of total output. That’s why stainless steel pipe cutting machine is increasingly used in metal processing industry. Stainless steel can solve hard to cut problem, cutting section burr problem. Stainless steel pipe cutting machine take place of existing grinder cutting machine, solve environmental pollution problem cause by using grinder cutting machine indirectly. Not only save production cost, but also protect environment.

Automatic stainless steel pipe cutting machine working principle is: use hydraulic cylinder connected vice to clamp material; use PLC or CNC system control feeding material; motor rotation of gear box drive sawing blade to cut steel/stainless steel material; using water or coolant to cooling. 

Automatic stainless steel pipe cutting machine, dry cutting machine for steel pipe

Intelligent automatic stainless steel pipe cutting machine can cut out diameter 12-140mm (customized 150mm) pipe, wall thickness up to 7mm (take mild steel for example), cutting length 38-1500mm (customized 3-5 meter). Square steel pipe 12x12-40x40mm, cutting length same as round pipe. There are 4 models of intelligent automatic stainless steel pipe cutting machine, they are LX-ZW-180, LX-ZY-330,LX-ZY-400, LX-ZY-425. Intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine use computer numerical intelligent control system to loading, feeding, cutting and end piece processing. All actions are intelligent and automatic, saving labor cost and material cost effectively. Machine can identify metal pipe material and cut end piece automatically, separate out feed head material, end material, not need secondary manual process. In the meantime, automatic counting, automatic saw blade replace alarm function are available. Square pipe cutting machine save huge production cost in volume pipe cutting, 1 worker can operate several machines, reduce operator, save labor cost, raise production efficiency.

Rotary pipe cutting & beveling machine is a type of cutting machine use knife to cut pipe. Fit for diameter 6-40mm, wall thickness 0.2-0.6mm round pipe. Rotary pipe cutting & beveling machine advantage is low cost, low noise, no dusty, dry cutting. The machine is very useful in cutting thin wall pipe. 

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