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Elimination principle of laser cutting machine

The advantages of laser cutting machines are becoming more and more obvious, and users are more and more fond of such processing equipment.

Then the user in the use of the process of laser cutting machine to understand the troubleshooting principle. The principle of troubleshooting of laser cutting machine is as follows:

 (1) the principle of first plan and then operation when it comes to trouble, it is necessary to calm down first and carefully inquire about the phenomenon of the operator's fault and the symptoms after the failure. Carefully analyze possible causes and solutions.

(2) the test principle of simplicity and later complexity should solve the easy problem first and then solve the difficult problem when a variety of phenomena are intertwined and cover each other for a while.

 (3) the principle of outside and then inside is mainly reflected in two aspects: checking whether the external conditions are suitable or not, on the other hand, avoiding the random opening and disassembly, which can avoid the expansion of the fault or decrease the precision of the system.

 (4) the most common reasons should be considered first and then the rare special cases should be analyzed.

(5) in addition, it is necessary to follow the principles of checking first and then electrifying, software first and hardware later, machinery first and then electrical appliances, etc.

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