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Foshan laser cutting tube processing manufacturers

Laser cutting machine is too expensive to afford? Or you can consider cutting the tube for outward processing. Longxin Machinery is not only a professional laser cutting machine manufacturer in Foshan, but also a professional laser cutting tube processing manufacturer. We are professional in laser cutting machine equipment and pipe cutting processing.

Everyone knows that laser cutting machine is fast, high precision and flexible. It is the leading product of pipe cutting equipment, but many people stop at the price. The same tube cutting effect, laser tube cutting machine equipment we can not afford, but we can choose to process.

   Longxin Machinery is a professional laser machine manufacturer in Foshan. It mainly provides professional laser cutting processing services for iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum metal plates. Customers can choose processing materials, sample processing, and processing materials. The following are the stainless steel pipes that we protect the seat of the bus driver processed by Tongda Automobile Company. The main process is to open small holes and bend pipes on the stainless steel pipe. (The following picture is the effect diagram) Longxin Foshan laser cutting tube processing can be cut, open, chamfered, 45 degree cut, tandem cut, bevel cut, hollow punch, welding and so on. If you want to process, Foshan Longxin manufacturers welcome you!

Foshan laser cutting tube processing manufacturers

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