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Full auto pipe cutting machine price

There are a large variety of automatic pipe cutting machines on the market, and prices vary widely. From 30,000 to more than 100,000. What causes the difference in the price of these automatic pipe cutting machines? Automatic pipe cutting machine manufacturers take everyone to find out.

There are many types of automatic pipe cutting machines, which can be divided into four series according to the feeding mode: pneumatic automatic pipe cutting machine, hydraulic automatic pipe cutting machine, servo automatic pipe cutting machine, and intelligent pipe cutting machine. The price of these automatic pipe cutting machines is increasing in turn. Let's take a look at the characteristics of each series:

Pneumatic automatic pipe cutting machine: By compressing the air under the knife, due to the instability of the air, occasionally the blade may slip or crack. Affects the service life of the blade. Cutting accuracy ± 0.5mm, suitable for cutting thin-walled pipe.

Hydraulic automatic pipe cutting machine: It is relatively stable through the hydraulic pressure under the knife, and the service life of the saw blade is relatively long, reducing unnecessary loss. The cutting accuracy is also improved relative to the pneumatic automatic pipe cutting machine, with an accuracy of ±0.3mm.

Servo automatic pipe cutting machine: The servo mainly relies on the pulse to locate, feeding accurate and efficient. Can also increase with pull tail function. Save supplies. Cutting accuracy increased to ±0.1mm.

Intelligent pipe cutting machine: more automatic than the servo, feeding, feeding, cutting, feeding, cutting, retracting a series of actions, complete in one go. Accuracy up to ±0.1mm, one person can operate multiple machines. Designed for mass production. Tail material can be cut to 0.03mm. Advantage is still very obvious: efficient, accurate, artificial, provincial material.

The same series of different models of automatic pipe cutting machine prices are not the same, because the head is not the same, the cutting ability is not the same. So the price will be different.

The above is the characteristics of the four series of automatic pipe cutting machines, which means that the function is not the same, so it has led to the difference in the price of automatic cutting machine.

If you are still entangled in these machines, do not know how to start, welcome to call Longxin Machinery, we have professional pipe cutting machine experts to provide you with a more reasonable plan.

Full auto pipe cutting machine price

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