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High-speed automatic pipe cutting machine for medical equipment (medical bed, cabinet)

The production of medical devices (medical beds, cabinets) requires the use of many pipe industries. With the increasing number of orders, various types of processing equipment need to be added in order to deliver on time. Pipe cutting is also an urgent matter to be solved, with regard to pipe cutting. Finding a high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine is a good choice!

High-speed automatic pipe cutting machine has three characteristics: intelligent operation, precision cutting, and mass production. The specific performance is as follows:

First, the operation of intelligent: high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine control through the numerical control system to achieve the intelligent feeding, feeding, cutting, automatic identification of the material tail and cut off, the entire cutting process without special operation, in the cutting process, The operation only needs to pay attention to that the fittings on the rack are not enough to cut, so that one person can operate multiple machines at the same time, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator and saves a lot of labor costs.

Second, the cutting precision: high-speed automatic pipe cutting machine using mechanical positioning + servo, cutting pipe accuracy up to ± 0.05mm, the pipe cutting accuracy is more accurate.

Third, the production of batch: Automatic pipe cutting machine automatic continuous feeding, 24-hour work without interruption, for the need for bulk cutting pipe fittings medical equipment (medical beds, cabinets) and other industries, more efficient batch cutting pipe, let your business Pipe cutting dominates.

This excellent automatic pipe cutting machine, as a manufacturer of medical equipment, will you think about it?

High-speed automatic pipe cutting machine for medical equipment (medical bed, cabinet)

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