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How to choose laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is expensive, how to choose a laser cutting machine is a very cautious thing, we can choose the right laser cutting machine based on the following points

After considering some typical pipe manufacturing processes, the following needs to be based on the characteristics of some equipment to process equipment selection, especially some "just need" points.

1, laser cutting machine cutting power; laser cutting machine, most can be equipped with 2 ~ 4KW laser. This power segment is sufficient to cut 7.9mm thick carbon steel tubes, and 6.35mm thick aluminum tubes and stainless steel tubes. When batch processing of aluminum tubes and stainless steel tubes, should choose 4Kw or higher power, batch processing of carbon steel tubes can choose about 2Kw on it.

2. The laser cutting machine's processing load-bearing capacity; The laser cutting machine's processing load-bearing capacity usually expresses the limit bearing weight per unit length of the processing range, which is a very important consideration. Pipes come in a variety of standard lengths, such as 6 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters, etc. Pipe mills usually customize the length of pipe according to the needs of the actual product in order to reduce the waste to a greater extent. At this time, they need to consider matching the standard size of the pipe on the same laser pipe cutter. In this case, the choice is more complicated. The length of the pipe from the pipe factory is usually 6 meters long, the pipe diameter is 152mm; the length is 9 meters and the outer profile is 254mm in diameter. In this size range, the laser tube cutting machine can usually handle a weight of 40 kg per meter.

3. Feeding and feeding of materials; Another factor in choosing a laser cutting tube is to consider the feeding capacity during processing; the laser cutting machine has a very fast processing speed, and the manual loading of materials cannot keep up with the processing speed. Laser pipe cutters often have a bundle loader at the time of sale, usually capable of loading 3.5 tons of pipe. The loader separates the pipes and loads them one by one into the pipe cutter. The bundling loader can also be equipped with a clip-on buffer, reducing the loading time to less than 12 seconds. Through the automatic fixture inside the loader, it is very easy to switch from one size of pipe to another size of pipe. The adjustment action required to switch the pipe is performed by the controller.

In addition, the laser cutting machine must be selected from the viewpoint of efficiency optimization. For example, too short a machine body length will seriously affect the nesting efficiency of the finished parts, which will increase the waste; and too long body length will require a higher initial investment and more floor space. In addition to seeking advice from laser pipe cutting machine manufacturers, you also need to cut samples and evaluate every available option to ensure a better return on your investment results.

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