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International Classification of Laser

The international classification of laser, is approved by the world scientific community, consistent classification. This is convenient for the laser pipe cutting machine equipment level unification and national trade. Classification is divided into: one, two, three, four, a total of 4 levels. The higher the level of classification, the greater the risk. Laser grades must be labeled with Roman numerals on laser systems. All regular laser products are generally labeled with classified labels. In addition to graphics and text warnings, the label also contains the following information: wavelength, total output power, Laser classification.

International Classification of Laser

Class 1 laser is a low-energy laser equipment, it can avoid all electrostatic hazards, no biological hazards. The following are several applications of classi laser: laser printer CD player CDRom equipment geological survey equipment and experimental analysis equipment. Under no circumstances will classi laser damage the human body or skin. When using classi laser equipment, no other auxiliary equipment is required.

2 second stage laser is also a low energy level laser (power < 1 MW), but this laser can damage the human eyes. Some examples of the application of the laser: laser indicator, Aiming devices and some distance measuring equipment. Avoid looking directly at the classii laser and don't aim the classii laser in anyone's eye. In addition, avoid using telescopes to view classii light. In fact, if you have classii light coming into your eyes, you should turn your head to one side immediately, or close your eyes immediately to prevent light damage.

3 Class A laser is a strong light, it's a continuous laser wave, it's a medium energy emitter. The scattering of light is harmful to human body. The product equipped with classiiia laser, the harmful distance in the open area is 1000m (3300ft). Different countries have different regulations on the use of laser products. At present, many foreign countries do not allow tertiary laser products to be used in cities. Moreover, diffuse scattering barrier material should be used to block the laser beam passing through the restricted area (harmful distance *), and the beam should be stopped immediately when someone moves.

4 Class b laser is a medium power laser. Not only is it forbidden to look directly, but scattered lasers can also cause damage to the human body. Whenever you operate in a laser control area, wear an isolation suit and a special eye shield. It is prohibited to use it in areas where there is human activity. The use of high power laser. Classiv laser. For example, cutting and welding by fiber machining. Classiv laser is very dangerous, which can lead to fire.

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