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Laser cutting machine and other cutting equipment cutting speed comparison

The cutting speed of laser cutting machine and other cutting equipment can be seen by the following examples:

A laser cutting machine with a power of 1200W is used to cut a 2mm thick low carbon steel plate with a cutting speed of up to 600cm/min. A 5mm thick polypropylene resin plate can be cut to a cutting speed of 1200cm/min. The cutting efficiency that can be achieved by WEDM is generally 20-60 mm 2 /min, up to 300 mm 2 /min; obviously, the laser cutting machine is faster and has obvious advantages for mass production. The water cutting speed is quite slow and is not suitable for mass production.

Plasma cutting has a slow cutting speed and low relative accuracy, which is more suitable for cutting thick plates, but the end faces have a slope. For metal processing, wire cutting has higher precision, but the speed is very slow, sometimes it needs to be additionally pierced and threaded by other methods to cut, and the cutting size is greatly limited.

The fiber laser used in the LX-FL120-S tube laser cutting machine, which is specially used for pipe cutting, is a compact and efficient high-power laser with power, ideal beam quality, maintenance-free, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, etc. Cutting, welding and drilling of metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and copper are widely used in sheet metal cutting, metal processing, home appliance manufacturing, and automobile manufacturing.

The device has the following features:

1. Automatic feeding, saving labor and improving efficiency

2. The tailing area is small, saving materials and reducing the process

3. Fast cutting speed, multiple functions, and improved efficiency

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