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A laser cutting machine designed for pipe cutting

The laser cutting speed is fast, and the incisions are beautiful, smooth, and free of burrs, and are greatly favored by customers. But the cost is high and many customers stop at prices. To help customers solve this problem, Longxin Machinery is working hard to develop an economical laser cutting machine designed specifically for pipe cutting.

Longxin this laser cutting machine has the following advantages

I. Provincial Labor Resources

Long letter laser cutting machine feeding, cutting, cutting are completed automatically. Send a material, can be completed at the same time cutting, drilling. One process is eliminated directly in one step. The problem of tailings is also a matter of concern to the customer. The ordinary pipe cutter tailings are somewhat wasteful, and this laser pipe cutter can realize tailless material.

Second, the incision is smooth and beautiful

The requirements of customers are getting higher and higher. Some customers need to add chamfering processes after being cut off with ordinary pipe cutters to meet the requirements of the nozzles. Longxin's laser cutting machine has a smooth and beautiful incision. It has no black-nosed tip and can eliminate the chamfering process.

Third, can cut any angle

At present, the customer needs to cut the angles are to use semi-automatic or manual pipe cutting machine, the efficiency is low, and can only cut 45-90 degree angle. Longxin's laser cutting machine can cut any angle. Can achieve a flat knife after cutting oblique angle. Just set it on the program.

Fourth, the incision is small and not wasted.

Like the more expensive materials of copper tubes, cutting waste is also a problem for customers. The Longxin laser cutting machine uses a high-energy laser beam and focuses it on the surface of the workpiece to instantly melt and vaporize the area of the workpiece that is illuminated by the spot. The cut is very small and there is no waste problem.

To learn more about this laser pipe cutting machine designed for pipe, please contact us.

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