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Cut the tube and punch it again? Why bother! Laser cutting machine is completed in one step

It takes two machines to complete the hole after the traditional pipe cutting. After cutting by the pipe cutting machine and punching with the punching machine, two steps are required. After the two processes are required, the cost is increased, and the energy consumption of the site and the number of equipment are increased. If you can have a device that can be completed at one time, are you interested? The answer is yes! The laser pipe cutting machine can meet a number of processes such as pipe cutting, punching, and angle. More importantly, it does not require multiple units and is completed at one time, saving energy and labor. Fast! It is several times faster than the ordinary pipe cutting machine, with high precision and obvious advantages.

Maybe you will say: The laser is too expensive. Can't afford it! Yes, the price of laser pipe cutting machine is indeed more expensive than ordinary machines! However, it is a multi-machine. Solve the problem that ordinary pipe cutter can't solve. The effect is that the ordinary cutting tube can not be compared, and the more important one is the tube cutting machine manufacturer--Longxin laser cutting machine developed by Longxin Machinery, which subverts your knowledge of laser cutting. The price is only about half of the market price, and there is no need to add water to cut the pipe! No need to grind the saw blade. No need to worry about punching and changing models! Some convenient, practical and cost-effective equipment is on your side, what are you waiting to see?

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