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The pipe cutting machine manufacturer reminds you that the laser cutting machine that is easy to use also needs maintenance.

Laser cutting machines have many advantages, such as high speed, high precision, high flexibility, smooth cutting surface, etc., which are very practical and practical. For a laser pipe cutter, in order to make the machine run better and the machine lasts longer, it requires a certain amount of maintenance. Proper maintenance keeps the machine in good condition, even without having to do so much. It is also a maintenance behavior not to put everything on the machine. Here are some simple maintenance tips.

Laser cutting machine daily maintenance points as follows:

Always check the lens every day or after 8 hours of solid laser cutting, and wash if necessary. The top lens and mirror are just above the laser beam, which means they are exposed to dust, smoke and dust, so they need to be cleaned. If the lens becomes dirty, it will affect the laser cutting effect and cutting power.

You can use a cotton swab or (better) lens paper to gently clean the lens and mirror on both sides of the laser tube cutter. Use the liquid that comes with the machine. Do not use alcohol, acetone or other detergents. Use only lens cleaning fluid!

Laser cutting machine weekly maintenance points

Usually once a week (sometimes more or less, depending on how often it is used and the number of cuts/engraving), clean the filter and remove the foam dust collector. If you need to replace the filter, some of the machine is obviously performing.

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