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What is the difference between laser cutting machine and ordinary pipe cutting machine?

The reaction of most people when they hear laser cutting machines is that laser cutting will not be expensive. The laser cutting machine is indeed more expensive than the ordinary pipe cutting machine; this is mainly because the laser transmitter depends on imports, and the price continues to be high. The principle of laser cutting is to use the energy released when a laser beam strikes the surface of a metal pipe, so that the metal pipe melts and the slag is blown away by the gas. Because the laser power is very concentrated, only a small amount of heat is transferred to other parts of the metal pipe, resulting in little or no deformation.

Laser cutting machine is powerful, suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and other metal pipe hole, oblique cutting, 45-degree cutting, phase cutting, oblique cutting, hollow drilling and other processing. Can cut off the steel pipe processing; can cut a variety of graphics in the square pipe surface; can cut square hole and waist hole in the round pipe; can cut oblique end face at the end of the round pipe; can cut the branch pipe intersecting with the circular main pipe Line ends. Can cut a plurality of different directions and diameters of cylindrical intersecting line holes on the main pipe to meet the conditions of vertical and non-eccentric perpendicular intersecting between the axis of the branch pipe and the main pipe axis; the end of the cylindrical intersecting line can be cut at the end of the branch pipe to meet the branch pipe The condition of the intersection of the eccentric and non-eccentric perpendicular and oblique intersecting axes of the axis and the main axis. (Can meet the three-way and multi-pass cutting) For the large diameter of the thick diameter of the laser has obvious advantages. Highly penetrating laser beam achieves satisfactory results. Although we are familiar with the ordinary pipe cutting machine, although the cost is cheap, but the function is single, the ordinary pipe cutting machine needs grinding saw blades, grinding blades and other consumables, high demand for special tooling molds, high demand requires secondary processing. Lasers do not require secondary processing, no need to sharpen the blades, etc., can cut a variety of processes, of course, the advantages are obviously different prices

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