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laser pipe cutting machine brand ranking

With the improvement of pipe processing requirements, the application of laser cutting pipe is becoming more and more common. Speaking of the brand of laser pipe cutting machine, certainly many people are not very clear, here we come to give everyone the inventory of the brand name of the laser pipe cutting machine.

Laser pipe cutting machine brand ranking

1: fast laser cutting machine

As long as it is unfamiliar with the brand, it is a listed company that specializes in manufacturing laser cutting equipment. It is also a leading brand in the industry. It is also a global leader in laser cutting.

2: Italy Bolimar laser cutting machine

Bolimar is also an imported brand in Italy. It specializes in pipe bending machines and pipe cutting machines. Bolimar's products are mainly used in the three fields of aviation, railways, and automobiles. The market share in China is approximately 0.05. .

3: Japan Mazak laser cutting machine

Yamazaki Mazak (MAZAK) is a world-renowned machine tool manufacturer. The company was established in 2001. It mainly produces CNC lathes, compound turning and milling machine tools, vertical machining tools, horizontal machining tools, CNC laser systems, FMS flexible production systems, CAD/CAM systems, CNC devices and production support software. Products are known for their high speed and high precision in the industry. Products are found in various industries of the machinery industry.

4: Taiwan Hehe Laser Cutting Machine

5: High-energy laser cutting

6: Han's laser cutting tube

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