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The role of laser head nozzle in laser pipe cutting machine

Among the key technologies of the laser pipe cutting machine, the quality of the laser cutting head directly affects the quality of the cutting. The common laser cutting machine cutting head consists of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focus tracking system.

Laser head nozzles are commonly used consumables on fiber laser cutting machine tools. With the development and extensive application of fiber laser cutting technology, the demand for laser head nozzles has increased significantly in recent years. The nozzles are mainly in the form of parallel, convergent and conical. The cutting quality of the laser cutting machine is inseparable from the form of the nozzle and the size of the nozzle.

The primary function is to collect the capacitive signal and transmit it to the signal processor through the ceramic ring. The signal processor sends a signal to the machine control module. The machine control module makes feedback based on the signal and adjusts the position of the laser head in the vertical direction to keep the laser cut. The distance between the laser head and the workpiece during the cutting process of the pipe machine;

The secondary effect is to use its internal shape to direct the gas through the workpiece being cut and to create a high pressure at the nozzle outlet attachment. The smaller the nozzle exit aperture, the higher the pressure created. In the case of oxidative cutting, high-pressure oxygen passes through the nozzle, and part of the working surface is oxidized by the same cutting member to provide heat to accelerate the cutting; the other part passes through the cutting surface at high speed, takes away the slag and maintains the proper shape on the cutting surface. Pressure ensures that the laser cutting machine cuts smoothly.

The third function is to protect the internal lens of the laser head. During the laser cutting process, especially when punching, slag is often sputtered, and the high-pressure gas blown by the laser head nozzle can block most of the sputter material to protect the lens from damage.

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