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One of the advantages of laser tube cutting machine-cutting flexibility

With the rapid growth of the use of stainless steel pipes, the cutting efficiency and cutting requirements of pipes are becoming higher and higher. The laser pipe cutting machine emerges as the times require, which brings a qualitative leap in the field of pipe processing. So the laser pipe cutting machine in cutting stainless steel pipe flexibility in what aspects?

First of all, the laser pipe cutting machine can solve the problem of angle cutting very well. Our traditional pipe cutting machine can only cut 45-90 degrees angle, but it can't be cut a little bit larger. Many users will encounter this kind of trouble. Originally the size of the nozzle is very suitable, but the angle problem can not be solved. The laser tube cutting without these restrictions, no matter what the angle of the cutting requirements, are able to pass a good job, that is, you want to cut as much as you want to cut as many degrees! This is a good news for the door and window industry, in the future, laser pipe cutting opportunities in the door and window cutting field has a place! Secondly, the flexibility of the laser pipe cutting machine is also reflected in the cutting and drilling of the shape, which can be processed by a simple program. In addition, the flexibility of the laser pipe cutting machine can also be reflected in reducing the number of molds used. Understand the flexibility of the above laser tube cutting, when you again encounter the above cutting problems, laser pipe cutting machine is your first consideration of the equipment! Professional cutting equipment Longxin machinery welcome your advice!

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