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The main points of laser tube cutting machine maintenance

Recently, the temperature has gradually increased, and the hot summer is coming. The maintenance of our laser tube cutting machine should also keep up. In order to prevent the high temperature alarm, light break, missed shot, weak light and other unstable phenomena when the laser is used in high temperature environment. (If long-term high temperature work will shorten the internal pump source life), avoid the laser power depreciation in advance, and ensure that the laser can work normally. Longxin Machinery warmly reminds customers to do the following ventilation and cooling measures in advance.

Laser pipe cutting machine air cooling series maintenance measures:

1. When installing the laser, do not make the laser inlet or outlet of the laser close too close to the casing, and leave enough space to ensure air circulation.

2. A cooling fan should be installed inside the chassis to make the internal air of the chassis convect. If the indoor ambient temperature exceeds 30 °C, it is recommended to install an air conditioner to avoid the laser working at high temperature.

3. Regularly maintain the laser. Regularly use the air gun to blow the laser into and out of the air outlet every month. Regularly clean the air filter on the cabinet to prevent the laser tuyere from being blocked by dust and affecting heat dissipation.

Maintenance measures for medium power water cooling series laser pipe cutting machine

1. Change the water regularly and change the filter core (3 months for one cycle, use distilled water).

2, the temperature of the chiller is generally set to about 26 degrees (when the temperature setting is too high, the cooling force is not enough, the laser will frequently prompt the alarm, and the inside of the laser will be condensation, causing internal device damage).

3. It is recommended that the cabinet be installed in an air-conditioned room. The room temperature of the air-conditioned room is set at 26 ° C, and the humidity is kept below 50% to ensure the constant temperature of the cabinet.

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