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Can the laser tube cutting machine work for a long time?

In today's society, the production and consumption of stainless steel pipes in China are constantly increasing, and the processing technology of pipe materials is also constantly improving. The emergence of laser pipe cutting machines has brought a qualitative leap to the pipe processing industry. Come on, can the tube laser cutting machine work continuously for a long time, what is the working time?

The laser tube cutting machine can work continuously. There are two reasons why this equipment can work continuously: 1. The life of the consumables that need to be replaced by the tube laser cutting machine is in units of months. Unlike some other devices, it is necessary to change consumables within a certain period of time. Can adapt to 24 hours of processing all day. Most factories and customers work continuously after running the tube laser cutting machine. Of course, the cooling protection of the tube laser cutting machine should be done during the operation of the equipment. 2. The laser tube cutting machine is divided into two parts: the cutting machine and the intelligent feeding machine. The materials are simply arranged into the intelligent feeder. When cutting, the system automatically feeds the material continuously for unmanned and automatic processing.

Longxin laser pipe cutting machine can automatically feed, automatically feed, save labor, improve work efficiency, tailings less than or equal to 40mm, far less than the tailings of most market cutting equipment, saving a lot of consumables for customers. In addition, the Longxin laser tube cutting machine also automatically recognizes the tail of the material and cuts and separates it, automatically removing the internal slag. Won't you want to know about the cost-effective tube laser cutting machine?

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