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Long Xin LX machinery makes laser pipe cutting machine closer to you

Today, as the industrialization process is accelerating, the fiber laser cutting machine is undoubtedly the representative of finishing. The major manufacturers have been developing towards laser cutting in a larger format, higher precision and higher power, which also makes fiber laser cutting. Pipe machine has made great progress in various industrial fields, but the high price of high-power laser pipe cutting machine has made many people discouraged.

Fiber lasers can be divided into three levels according to output power: low-power fiber lasers (<100 W) are mainly used for laser marking, drilling, finishing, and metal engraving; medium-power fiber lasers (<1.5 kW) are mainly used for Welding and cutting of metal materials, refurbishment of metal surfaces; high-power fiber lasers (>1.5 kW) are mainly used for cutting thick metal plates, three-dimensional processing of special plates, etc.

China's high-power fiber laser research and development started late, but it is developing rapidly. In 2001, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Optical Machinery Co., Ltd. took the lead in carrying out theoretical and experimental research on high-power fiber laser technology. In 2005, it took the lead in breaking through the kilowatt mark to obtain the output of single-fiber continuous laser of 1.05 kW, and in 2009, using domestic optical fiber to achieve 1.75 kW power. Output.

Subsequently, Tsinghua University, National Defense Science and Technology University, Xi'an Opto-mechanical Institute, Ruike, Chuangxin, Feibo and other units have also achieved kilowatt and kilowatt-level laser output.

Before the independent research and development, China's high-power fiber lasers have long relied on imports, which are expensive and have a long lead time. In 2016, Ruike Laser successfully developed China's first 20,000 watt continuous fiber laser. It is expected to be commercialized in 2018. This technical achievement directly breaks the monopoly of foreign technology and is expected to reduce the price of imported products by 40%.

Foshan Longxin Machinery is about to launch a laser cutting machine for pipe cutting. It is used for metal pipe drilling, beveling, 45 degree cutting and joining cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum and titanium. , oblique cutting and cutting, hollowing holes and other processing. Longxin laser pipe cutting machine has superior performance and popular price, so you can no longer choose when you choose laser cutting machine, let laser cutting machine be closer to you!

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