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King of performance-price ratio-Longxin laser tube cutting machine comes out

A listen to laser pipe cutting machine a lot of friends will shake their heads, too expensive! The investment is too big to be worth it! Yes, hundreds of thousands or even millions of laser pipe cutting machine prices, for most pipe cutters difficult to accept. Especially for the requirements of the drilling process is more expensive.

Today we share with you a price-effective laser tube cutting machine. This laser pipe cutting machine has the function of perforating, cutting, cutting angle, cut without burr, its price is only 300000RMB.

This series of functional advantages, do not need millions of laser tube cutting machine can be completed, can be called the king of price-performance ah. Think about it, an automatic line pipe cutting machine market price of 30 to 500000RMB, and has perforation cutting function, and the cut burr free laser pipe cutting machine 300000RMB  can be done, is not very cost-effective? But the problem comes, customers have the following concerns, 300000 laser equipment will not be configured very bad ah? What about bad laser heads?

These questions we can firmly tell you that our brand is in the forefront of the domestic, other square pipe cutting is not limited, for the saw cutting machine difficult to cut the ultra-thin, thick stainless steel laser in the next. In particular, no snow and water, no grinding saw blade abrasion, not durable problem. Welcome to Longxin machinery to see how long letter laser equipment is how.

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