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Longxin LX cutting machine Machinery manufacturer

Longxin LX cutting machine Machinery is a professional fully automatic tube cutting machine manufacturer in Guangdong, focusing on tube processing equipment for 13 years. After many years of actual working experience, it has created a number of powerful technical and engineering teams. Through their efforts, they have obtained a number of national patent certificates. Longxin (LX cutting machine) automatic pipe cutting machine manufacturers supply pipe cutting machine types including: manual pipe cutting machine, semi-automatic pipe cutting machine, automatic pipe cutting machine, intelligent pipe cutting machine.

Longxin LX cutting machine Machinery manufacturer

 Briefly introduce the characteristics of pipe cutting machine:

1. Manual pipe cutting machine: feeding, clamping, sawing, withdraw, and clamp release require manual operation. Small size, easy operation, easy movement, and low cost, can be cut at any angle between 45° and 90°. Pure manual operation.

2. Semi-automatic pipe cutting machine: manual feeding, the rest work such as clamp, feed sawing, cut-off, clamp release are automatic control. Semi-automatic operation. Small size, easy operation, no dust. Compare to manual pipe cutting machine, the labor intensity of the operation staff is greatly reduced, and the production efficiency is greatly improved!

3. Automatic pipe cutting machine: Feeding, clamping, saw feeding, saw withdraw, and clamp release are automatic control. Except manual loading, the rest work is automated. Machine could cup several pipes at 1 time, multiple cut lengths and outputs can be set, and the system automatically completes cutting schedule. Suitable for small batch production.

4. Intelligent pipe cutting machine: loading, feeding, clamping, saw feeding, saw withdraw, and clamp release are automatic control. Automatic identification of material end piece and cutting off, automatic counting and shutdown reminds to replace the saw blade, cutting accuracy is ±0.1mm, end piece can be as short as 0.3mm. Smooth cuts, no burrs, can be used directly without secondary processing. Fully automated, one person can operate multiple machines at the same time. Suitable for mass production. Suitable for high demanding customer groups.

   In the future, Longxin (LX cutting machine) Machinery manufacturers will also follow the needs of users, develop more and more practical, useful automatic pipe cutting machine, to service automatic pipe cutting machine users!

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