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Why is the Longxin star product so attractive?

  In the early winter, like a beautiful, noble, reserved princess, dancing her magical veil, sent a burst of cold wind. With the advent of winter, our laser tube cutting machine has entered a more mature stage of development. Today I have to introduce to you the star products of our Longxin laser tube cutting: laser tube cutting machine model LX-FL120-S. Many of our customers who have experienced our laser cutting machine have undoubtedly have a higher trust in our machines. In addition to cost-effective, what other attractions does this laser tube cutter have?

1. Automatic feeding, saving labor and improving work efficiency:

 This machine is divided into two parts: laser cutting machine and intelligent feeding machine. Firstly, the materials are simply arranged into the intelligent feeder. When cutting, the system automatically feeds continuously, automatically sets the length of feeding, automatically identifies the material head between the two raw materials and cuts it, and the tailing area is small.

2. The tailing area is small, saving materials and reducing processes:

Simple and unique feeding method, when the pipe is unable to continue feeding at the feeder, the subsequent pipe will continue to push the current pipe to continue feeding and complete the tailing cutting. The normal cutting tail material of the machine is ≤40mm, which is far lower than most models of the market 160mm- 220mm tailings value. It saves material loss and eliminates the tailings processing.

3, cutting speed, more functions, improve production efficiency:

This machine is 4-axis linkage, which can meet all the cutting style requirements of the market. The X, Y, and Z axes can simultaneously control the running path of the laser head (usually only the Z axis). During continuous cutting, a single feeding can complete multiple cutting operations, saving feeding time and improving production efficiency.

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