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Longxin Machinery's after-sales service--an invisible customer service network

As a user of mechanical equipment, in addition to the price and function of the equipment at the beginning of the purchase of equipment, there is also an important concern is after-sales service.

Longxin Machinery's cutting machine equipment has dozens of specifications. Most of the cutting equipment needs our after-sales service colleagues to go to the door to install and train the technicians in the user's factory after delivery to the user's factory. Longxin Machinery also promises that the equipment sold will be free to install and freely train the operators of the user's factory.

After-sales service is the end of a sales job and the beginning of the next sales job. It is a long-term and infinite loop process. If this work is not done well, then all the efforts in front of this customer are equivalent to in vain, which means that for the current customer, you lose the opportunity to cooperate with the user for a long time. The after-sales engineers of Longxin Machinery are experienced veterans who have been engaged in the production of mechanical equipment for many years. They are not only skilled, but also highly praised by users.

In addition to good customer service, Longxin pipe cutting machine manufacturers have established a set of perfect customer data records and statistical analysis mechanisms, statistical analysis of customer feedback sources/types/feedbacks, and statistical customers. The service effect of the service personnel is also sorted out the commonly used solutions. In the later stage, the after-sales service is provided to the after-sales customers, and the customer value is continuously created to enhance the efficiency of the enterprise.

It can be said that in Longxin Machinery, you can see that in addition to the busyness of the production workshop, we also have an invisible after-sales service network to serve you at all times, and to buy equipment and equipment of Longxin Machinery, what do you have to worry about?

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