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Longxin Machinery is waiting for you at the Guangzhou Metal Lock Industry Door and Window Exhibition

Longxin Machinery will participate in the 8th Guangzhou Sunshade and Exhibition and Hardware Locks Exhibition held in Guangzhou International Purchasing Center on the 8th-10th of this month. More than 700 manufacturers will attend the exhibition. Convergence: Doors and Windows • Screens • Sun room / all aluminum home / patio door • Guardrail • Stairs / smart doors and windows / aluminum sheds • Pavilions • Grape racks / indoor and outdoor shade products / smart lock hardware accessories.

The intelligent instrument car tube machine that Longxin Machinery debuted at the exhibition is a brand-new new equipment specially designed for household hardware pipe cutting. This machine combines the cutting characteristics of traditional instrument lathe with the continuous feeding function of intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine. The following features are fast cutting speed: the instrument lathe pipe cutting machine has a fast cutting speed, because the cutting material thickness is generally between 0.2mm-0.6mm, the cutting speed can reach 2 seconds/knife and the incision has no burr, and the daily output can reach 15,000. the above. Cutting cocoa shrinkage, no water supply (the instrument lathe pipe cutting machine uses the turning tool to cut the material, no coolant is needed during the cutting process, and the pipe fittings can be directly processed into the next processing process without cleaning, which is efficient and convenient.) Low cost of consumables: The machine uses knife knives (or knives) to cut, the cost of consumables is extremely low and can be used repeatedly after grinding. The cost of cutting a knife is less than a penny!

Welcome friends from the building materials industry all over the country to visit the Longxin Machinery booth or the Longxin Machinery Production Factory.

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