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Longxin Machinery Technology Products

Longxin Machinery Technology has developed into a company specializing in design, manufacture, installation and sales of metal pipe cutting equipment now. Products include welded pipe group online tracking pipe cutting machine, off-line CNC automatic pipe cutting machine, intelligent full automatic cutting machine, HSS circular cold saw, CNC carbide sawing machines, CNC tungsten carbide sawing machine, bending machine, chamfering machine, grinding gear machine etc., more than 50 kinds of models. Products are widely used in stainless steel pipe fittings, metal furniture, hardware accessories, sports equipment, automobile tail pipe, motorcycles, bicycles, air conditioning pipe industry, fences, security nets, shelves and other industries. At present, Longxin cutting machine has been widely used in stainless steel pipe fittings, sanitary ware, furniture and other industries. Longxin cutting machine services customers all over the world, has received many praise from domestic and abroad!

Since Longxin establish, the company has been adhering to concept of good faith management, closely centering on the vision of “make pipe cutting more simple”, and persisting in the values of “using innovation to seek sustainable development and using quality to defend dignity”, to provide customers with reliable & intelligent & labor-saving set of fully automated metal pipe cutting & processing machine equipment. Longxin Machinery is a feeling company too. Its feeling is that “the company grows with its employees and each employee embodies their value”.

12 years of trials and hardships, from the beginning of challenge to the current recognition and in-depth cooperation, Longxin Pipe Cutting Machine is not only deeply loved in China, but also has a great deal in overseas markets, such as Pakistan, Russia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Mexico. Higher market share in Vietnam and Indonesia too. In the future, Longxin will continue to surpass itself. Longxin will provide better quality & more labor-saving products to reward all customers and partners who support and assist Longxin in the future!

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