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What can Longxin metal circular saws bring to your business?

What is a metal circular saw? As the name suggests, it is a circular sawing machine for metal pipes (such as stainless steel, iron pipes, aluminum pipes, copper pipes, etc.). Metal circular saws are all about metal pipes (hardware furniture, hardware fittings, guardrails, shelves, Bathrooms, etc.) need to use it for cutting. Foshan Longxin Machinery has been working hard for 13 years. The products are from manual and semi-automatic to the now intelligent automatic metal circular sawing machine. Longxin intelligent automatic metal circular sawing machine has achieved deep cooperation and recognition from many domestic and foreign customers.

What obvious changes have occurred in Longxin Machinery from the beginning to the present? From the beginning is manual, semi-automatic to the current intelligent automatic, we let the metal circular saw machine to save labor, save materials, continuous automatic processing, greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises. Improve the production efficiency of enterprises. So if you want to make the company more and more powerful, then please try our intelligent automatic metal circular saw machine. Our intelligent metal circular sawing machine has the following characteristics: It realizes intelligent and automatic operation of the material feeding, feeding, cutting and tailing processing of the pipe through the numerical control system, and can effectively save the manpower and material force of the pipe cutting machine. It can automatically identify the tail end of the metal pipe material and automatically cut it, and can classify the tail of the material head without manual rectification. At the same time, it can automatically identify the presence or absence of the pipe, and can automatically and automatically count and automatically Shutdown reminds you to replace the saw blade and other functions. It can realize that one person can operate multiple machines at the same time, reduce operators, save labor, improve production efficiency, and save a lot of production cost for the enterprise.

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