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Longxin tube & pipe fiber laser cutting machine laser use precautions

When you use the laser series , we strongly recommend that you read the following procedures before operating the laser:


1. Never look directly into the laser output port when the power is turned on.

2. Avoid positioning the laser and all optical output components at eye level.

3. Equip with laser beam casing

4. Remove the end-cover before switch ON laser. Or else the output head will be damaged irreversibly.

5. Ensure that all  personal protective equipment is suitable for the output power and wavelength range of the laser.

6. Use the laser in a room with access controlled by door interlocks. Post warning signs. Limit the safety areas to operate the laser.

7. Please do not operate laser in darkened environments.

8. Do not turn on the laser without an optical coupling fiber or the optical output connector.

9. Do not install or detach cutting heads or collimators when laser is active.

10. Carry out commissioning , calibration and focusing at low output power and then increase the output power gradually when the calibrating and focusing work is done.

11. If the equipment is operated in a manner not specified in this document, the protection devices and performance of the equipment may be impaired and the warranty will be voided.

Longxin tube

(tube & pipe fiber laser cutting machine )



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