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Maintenance of Air Compressor in Laser Pipe cutting Machine

Air compressor is a part of laser pipe cutting machine system. To begin with, the air compressor is the main body of the air source device. It is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover (usually the motor) into the gas pressure energy, and the pressure generator of compressed air. The following are the main parts of the air compressor in the laser pipe cutting machine:

  1. Air filter element. In general every 500 hours to clear the air filter surface dust impurities, every 2000 hours to check whether it needs to be replaced. The inspection or replacement cycle may be extended or shortened depending on the dust content.

  2. inlet valve seal. Check the condition of the sealing ring and replace it when the air compressor of the laser pipe cutting machine works for 4000 hours.

  3. compressor lubricating oil. Check for adequate lubricating oil every 1000 hours and replace new oil every 4000 hours.

  4. oil filter. New pieces should be replaced every 2000 hours.

  5. oil and steam separator. New pieces need to be replaced every 4000 hours.

  6. small pressure valve. Clean every 4000 hours and check that the open pressure is normal.

  7. Safety valve. Check for sensitivity every 4000 hours.

  8.  discharge valve. Drain water and dirt every 2000 hours. Drive belt.

  9. Adjust the tightness every 2000 hours, check the wear condition every 4000 hours and decide whether to replace it according to the wear condition.

  10. motor maintenance. Maintain the motor according to the instructions. In order to make the air compressor of the laser pipe cutting machine run normally and reliably and ensure the service life of the unit, it is necessary to draw up the detailed maintenance plan, carry out the fixed person operation, maintain regularly, check and maintain regularly, so that the air compressor group can keep clean and oil-free. No dirt.


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