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Metal circular saw machine fault repair method

Circular saws often encounter various problems when used for a long time, and if not handled properly, they will affect product performance and machine life. Now, as a metal circular saw machine manufacturer, Longxin will share with you the fault repair method of metal circular sawing machine.

1. The hydraulic oil pump motor load is too large, and the thermal relay action will cause the oil pump to alarm.

Solution: Check the hydraulic oil pump motor load or pressure is too large, the factory value: 60 kg, and then press the "monitor screen - fault reset" button to eliminate the alarm or power restart.

2. In the automatic operation, the pressure signal is not connected after the clamping cylinder is clamped, and the feeding pressure of the metal circular saw does not reach the alarm.

Solution: Check if the system pressure is 60 kg, or the feed clamping pressure is too high (normal value is 45-50 kg). After checking, press the “Monitor Screen – Fault Reset” button to eliminate the alarm. (The clamping speed is adjusted as fast as possible during automatic operation).

The above is some suggestions provided by Longxin metal circular saw machine manufacturers in combination with practice, to facilitate reference for new and old customers, I hope to help everyone.

Metal circular saw machine fault repair method

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