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Which metal circular saw is more popular?

Speaking of the metal circular sawing machine, always hear people talking about the Zhangjiagang metal circular sawing machine. Why is the Zhangjiagang metal circular sawing machine so famous? Zhangjiagang metal circular sawing machine is a regional general term. The industry is relatively concentrated and the industry develops early, so it is famous. At present, not only is Zhangjiagang's fully automatic circular saw machine famous, Guangdong's fully automatic metal circular sawing machine is also famous. Among them, the representative one is the new intelligent automatic metal circular sawing machine series newly launched by Longxin Machinery. This series of automatic metal circular sawing machines has been favored by various pipe cutting and processing industries since its introduction, and is gradually replacing. Zhangjiagang circular sawing machine is in the mind of the Chinese people. Let's take a look at Longxin Machinery, a series of intelligent automatic circular saws that surpass Zhangjiagang.

Longxin intelligent automatic metal circular sawing machine has four models, which are cut for different pipe diameters and thicknesses. It is suitable for all kinds of metal cutting hardware processing industries. These two categories of intelligent automatic circular sawing machine adopts the form of pipe cutting machine and automatic feeding frame. Through the control of numerical control system, automatic feeding, automatic continuous feeding, automatic identification, cutting, sorting material material tail, one person It can operate multiple machines at the same time, which greatly saves the operators and improves the production efficiency. The automation degree far exceeds the Zhangjiagang circular sawing machine, so it is gradually replacing and surpassing the position of Zhangjiagang circular sawing machine in the minds of Chinese people.

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