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Why the price of laser cutting machine is relatively high

Why the price of laser cutting machine is relatively high

We all know that the price of laser cutting machines in the market is several times higher than that of ordinary pipe cutting machines. What causes such a large price difference?

Let's take a look at the characteristics of the laser cutting machine:

1. The laser cutting machine can cut oblique angles, and the cutting speed is fast. Ordinary automatic pipe cutting machines can not cut the angle, but can generally cut the angle of semi-automatic pipe cutting machine or manual pipe cutting machine, its production efficiency is low.

2. The function is more powerful, can cut the square hole and the waist hole in the round tube, can cut all kinds of figures in the square tube surface, can cut the oblique mouth end face at the end of the round tube, can pierce and punch. The ordinary pipe cutting machine has only one cutting function.

3. The laser can cut the thickness of 0.29-12MM, 10-270MM diameter pipe, and the ordinary pipe cutting machine is limited by the saw blade, only suitable for cutting pipe with a wall thickness of 5mm or less and a diameter of 140 or less.

4. The laser cutting machine can cut shaped tubes, which can be cut by ordinary cutting machines.

5. Laser can cut a wider range of materials, can cut a variety of metal pipe, and ordinary pipe cutting machine need to select the corresponding pipe cutting machine according to the hardness of the pipe, not a machine can cut all metal material of the pipe .

5. The laser slit is small and there is no material loss problem.

   So why is the laser cutting machine price higher than the ordinary pipe cutting machine, because the laser cutting machine is more flexible and more powerful.

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