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Common problems and solutions during the use of metal circular saws

When using a metal circular saw to cut materials, it often encounters problems such as frequent damage to the saw blade, burrs, uneven cuts, etc. In addition, the main parameters of its work, as well as the cutting speed of the saw blade, the amount of feed, When you cut a thick material, you should pay attention to it. Longxin Machinery will give you a brief introduction.

Metal circular saws are basically two gears, fast and slow. The cutting fluid is generally used with emulsified oil. If there is a phenomenon of chipping, you should pay attention to the speed of the undercut. Generally, the low speed is first opened when the cutting is started. After the cutting parameters are adjusted, the high speed is turned on. If there is a bad iron discharge, then we It is necessary to see if the saw teeth of the saw blade are not ground. As for its main parameters and operating precautions, our machine will be accompanied by a product manual. Everyone must read the product manual carefully before using the machine.

Practice knows that the specific problems of the adjustment of the speed of the metal circular saw and the number of teeth of the saw blade should be determined according to the cutting material. Therefore, everyone must first have a full understanding of their cutting materials before using the metal circular saw machine, so that your metal circular saw machine can play a greater function!

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