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prospect of laser pipe cutting machine

The stainless steel grades used in the automotive industry are H500, H800 and H1000. These three grades not only reduce the weight of the car by about 30%, but also maintain structural characteristics, while also having excellent crash resistance characteristics.

At present, there are mainly the following types of stainless steel application parts: stainless steel for exhaust system; stainless steel for automobile fuel tank; stainless steel for automobile frame; stainless steel parts for automobiles: mainly stainless steel sealing ring and heat exchange; stainless steel for automobile decoration: small car Use stainless steel moldings, antennas, wheel covers, etc.; car frame or car body.

Due to the large diameter of the stainless steel pipe used in the exhaust system of the automobile, the wall of the pipe is thin, and the cutting with the conventional saw blade is not only inefficient, but also easily causes the deformation of the cut nozzle, and the burr needs secondary processing. The laser tube cutter solves these problems perfectly. First of all, in terms of efficiency, after actual testing, the cutting speed of 114mm in thickness and 1.0mm in thickness is 3 seconds, which is several times faster than the cutting speed of traditional saw blades. Secondly, the cut nozzle is not deformed, smooth and flat, and can be used directly.

These remarkable advantages make the laser pipe cutting machine have great prospects in the automotive industry.

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