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Round Tube Circular Sawing Machine

Circular pipe cutting machine is a pipe mechanical equipment for metal pipe processing, is a mechanical positioning, independent water tank, electric box, flap, hydraulic system (oil tank), head, double oil clip, control panel, feed rack, roll rack , push cars and other components.

Circular tube cutting machine processing features:

1. There are many types of cutting pipe, which can cut off the round pipe, square pipe, flat pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, iron pipe, etc.

2. Intelligent pipe cutting speed, high cutting accuracy, can achieve large-scale processing and production, high output.

3. The operation is simple; adopts the numerical control operation platform, inputs the corresponding parameter, only needs to know to start and the switch button, then may realize the operation to realize the fast cutting, is nimble and quick.

Circular tube cutting machine application industry:

Stainless steel pipes; Hardware accessories; Sports equipment; Automobile exhaust tailpipes, motorcycles; bicycles, baby carriages, shared bicycles; air conditioning pipe industry; fences, fences, security nets; shelves and other industries; greenhouses; water pipes; light steel integrated housing; Clothes hanger rods; Shangchao shelves; Airblasts; High-frequency welded pipes; floor fans; scaffolds; handrails, steel ladders, folding ladders; water pipe fittings; apartment beds, iron beds, stainless steel beds; sanitary tubs; mop rods; tent tubes Door handles, door handles, fishing rods, mosquito nets, hanger tubes, curtain tubes, medical equipment, frame, hardware furniture, hardware furniture, hardware furniture, towel racks, towel racks, bathroom accessories, metal furniture feet, stainless steel chairs, Stainless steel furniture; stair railings; shoe racks; stainless steel shoe racks; metal shoe racks; ovens, etc.

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