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Stainless steel square pipe _ square pipe cutting _ square pipe cutting machine

Square stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long steel. It is called square pipe because of the cross section is square. This pipe is widely used in conveying fluid pipe, such as oil, natural gas, water, steam etc. Because stainless steel pipe not only bending and torsion strength, but also weight is lighter, so they are widely used in manufacture of machinery parts and engineering structures too. In industry using, stainless steel pipe is more widely, such as stair handrail, window, rail, bicycle, medical apparatus and instruments, bathroom accessories, water pipe fittings and so on.

Specification of stainless steel pipe has fixed diameter and wall thickness. Length can be customized accordingly to demand. On market, usual specification if inner diameter above 6.0mm & wall thickness less than 13mm, or inner diameter above 30mm & wall thickness less than 1.2mm and so on.

There are many square pipe cutting equipment for option, such as plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, saw blade cutting machine etc. Use plasma cutting machine to cut square stainless steel pipe, will cause harsh noise and smelly air, not only influent environment badly, but also quality problems such as low accuracy, oblique cut section, black cut section, production cost increased to solve those quality problems. Laser cutting machine has very high cutting accuracy, but machine price more than hundreds of thousands. Common manufacturer could not afford for laser cutting machine. the last option is saw blade cutting machine. There are types of saw blade cutting machine. it is not a easy thing to find a high accuracy and high efficiency cutting machine.

Stainless steel square pipe _ square pipe cutting _ square pipe cutting machine

Professional cutting equipment manufactory recommend one new type cutting machine for you specially. The machine has high cutting accuracy, high working efficiency, labor cost saving. Advantages as follows:

l  Automatic steel pipe cutting machine use servo feeder and mechanical double positing, cutting accuracy can up to +-0.05mm. Cutting section is smooth and no burr, no need secondary process.

l  Automatic continuous feeding, less end material. One worker can operate several machines, saving labor cost for enterprise.

l  Double pump oil pressure system, adjust clamping pressure and sawing pressure independently, prevent work piece from deforming and damage, save an other material cost for manufactory.

l  Double cylinder is used to ensure that rectangular tube won’t change direction while cutting, cutting section no deforming, no burr, work piece no need secondary process, save one more cost for manufactory.

l  Automatic identify head material & end material, cut them off, it is a great advantage for volume pipe cutting. Automatic test raw materials length. Automatic counting, reduce operator labor intensity, enhances workers enthusiasm!

This intelligent square pipe cutting machine fit for volume cut iron square pipe, stainless steel pipe, steel pipe. 3 models in all, cutting capacity 100x100mm square pipe.

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