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Stainless steel laser cutting machine use cost is not high

When many customers want to buy stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine, in addition to the cost of purchasing the machine will also be very concerned about the cost of stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine. For the consumption of gas, etc., the upgrade of the saw blade cutting machine uses a laser pipe cutter, which is difficult to accept if the cost of later use is high.

This is a concern for many customers. Laser cutting uses a focused high-power-density laser beam to illuminate the workpiece, causing the material to be rapidly melted, vaporized, ablated, or ignited, while being blown off by a high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam. It is one of the thermal cutting methods to melt the material, thereby achieving the cutting of the workpiece by laser cutting. Therefore, the iron pipe needs to be cut with oxygen, which is quickly cut off by heat, and the oxygen cost is very low; the stainless steel is cut according to the customer's demand, and the nitrogen cutting can make the workpiece not black or discolored. Thin-walled stainless steel uses air cutting, compressed air can be, the cost is only electricity, a few hours of electricity, the cost of use is lower, many users use air cutting to meet the demand, so the cost of laser cutting machine is really not tall!

In fact, most customers still have misunderstandings about stainless steel laser pipe cutting machines, and always feel that laser cutting machine purchase is expensive! Make and cost high! When you get to know it, it will change your perception.

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